American Actress from Manhattan

Jennifer Gatti is best known for her roles as Ba’el in Star Trek: The Next Generation, Keesha Winters in The Young and the Restless, and more recently as Mrs. Deets in Vice Principals.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why are there dates from the ’50s listed in Jennifer’s resume in the Internet Movie Database?
A: The dates listed are when the show itself first came on the air. Guiding Light and Search for Tomorrow have evidently been on a long time.

Q: May I email Jennifer? Will I get an answer?
A: Due to too much spam, this site no longer accepts email.

Q: Can I get an autographed picture of Jennifer?
A: Currently we have no mechanism in place to provide autographed photos. However please note the great photos available here on this web site!

Q: I really enjoyed Jennifer’s last book. When is her next one coming out?
A: You are thinking of Victoria Gotti, John Gotti’s daughter. If Jennifer gets published, please check this web site for details

How To Make Money With Traffic Generation Through Social Media

One of the easiest ways to generate traffic on the Internet is to use social media ; this could be from Facebook, Twitter, or any number of other social media platforms. Part of the reason is the popularity of these platforms that have grown exponentially in recent years. Facebook alone has over a billion users, and when you have access to the possibility of connecting with many of these individuals, you can make a lot of money. However, it needs to be done in a certain way that is both focused and cost-effective. Here are the best ways that you can use social media to generate sales through social media traffic generation.

Create A Social Media Page

The first step of this process is to always create a social media page of your own. For this example, let’s target Facebook. You will create a page which will showcase the different products that you are selling, and you will post about them on a regular basis. People that are interested in the type of products that you sell will like your Facebook page, and that means they will be following you. That also means that every post that you make will show up on their newsfeed, and this can give them the opportunity to buy something from you. However, it is recommended that you do not sell something every time you make a post. You need to provide actual content. This can come in the form of images and videos that are informative, or even entertaining, and this is where you can tap into what is called viral traffic. If you are actually sharing something that people like, this can go to these individuals that are following the people following you. This can create a snowball effect where you will start to generate not only more followers for your own Facebook page, but for the products that you are selling.

Using Facebook Advertising For Traffic Generation

Sticking with the example of Facebook, there are two ways that you can use the advertising platform that they have available to generate not only followers but sales. The first is going to be setting up what is called a “like” campaign that will allow you to get multiple people liking your page. If you get hundreds or thousands of people following you, this means that these individuals will see your posts and inevitably share them with others. It is also possible that they may purchase the products that you are promoting whether directly or indirectly. The second way that you can use Facebook and similar to how you would take out a PPC advertising campaign on Google. The main difference is that you can use Facebook advertising to promote images and videos. You can target demographics, and also very specific keyword phrases, to get people coming to those posts that you are marketing. This will also allow you to show up on a multitude of different Facebook pages, all with different followers, that are going to see your advertisement.

Using these simple strategies, it should be easy for you to use traffic generation through social media to start generating quite a bit of traffic and sales. Social media continues to grow in popularity, and by using this to your advantage, you are not going to have any problems getting followers, or generating sales, using social media as your primary way of marketing what your company is selling.

Toenail Fungus Home Remedies

Toenails fungus – also known as onychomycosis – is characterized by inflammation, swelling, and pain of the toe, and the thickening, crumbling, and yellowing of the nail itself. It can be caused by abnormal Ph of the skin, wearing synthetic socks, continuous exposure to moisture, sweat build-up in the shoes, compromised the immune system, weak circulation sometimes caused by diabetes, and poor foot hygiene.

Modern medicine treats fungus with topical treatments, anti-fungal medicine, and there are some cases where a surgical procedure is done to remove the nail. There are some side effects that can result from the use of this medication. Some of the common include rashes, trouble breathing, swelling of the mouth or face, heart problems, hives, diarrhea, fever, and more pain.

There are some traditional herbal medicines that have been used to treat toenail fungus and have no side effects visit Fungus Key Pro Review to check out some others. They use natural oils, dry goods from the pantry, and fruit juices, all who have no side effects. It is crucial to ensure you are not allergic to any of the ingredients used in making the home remedy. There are many different options, meaning you will get one you are not allergic to. Below are some of the best home remedies to toenail fungus.

Apple Cider Vinegar

This can be used either internally, topically or both. Take one part of Apple Cider Vinegar and one part Epsom salt with six parts hot water. The liquid should not be too hot; it should be warm because hot water can damage your skin. Soak your feet in the solutions two times a day for at least thirty minutes.
Take two tablespoon or organic apple cider vinegar and add it to 8 ounces of warm water. Adding honey will sweeten it.

Olive Leaf Extract

Olive leaf extract is another effective toenail fungus home remedy. Taking it daily as a supplement will do more than just help you cure fungal infections, it is anti-viral, antibacterial, helps lower cholesterol and many other benefits.

You may first experience some discomfort when you start taking the olive leaf extract because it is a powerful detoxifier. If you are in this situation, consider lowering the dose you take while the body gets rid of the stored-up toxins. You can then increase the dosage once you start feeling revitalized.

Tea Tree Oil

Apart from being a great onychomycosis remedy, it is also an antiseptic and fungicidal remedy. You need to start by rubbing alcohol on and around the area of infection to clean it. Employ pure tea tree oil directly on the area, and give it time to soak in. After ten minutes, take a soft bristle toothbrush and gently scrub off the oil. When applying it directly to the skin, you should mix it with an all-natural carrier like almond or olive oil in a one to one ratio. Repeat the same process every day until the healthy nail grows out, then continue it for about three weeks to prevent regrowth.

Orange Oil

This is another home remedy you can use to cure fungal infection. Use a dropper to apply the orange oil on the nails and between toes. The orange oils should soak for at least an hour. People with sensitive skins can consider other options because this can sometimes be too strong for them. Citrus allergies are also somewhat common, make an effort of testing the oil before you can apply it on the affected area. Many stores have testers to help you with this purpose.

Corn Meal

Organic corn meal is an interesting home remedy to toenail fungus. Corn meal hosts a form of fungus that is harmless to the human body but deadly to a common fungal parasite known as candida, which causes infections. Take one cup of corn meal and mix it with two quarts of water in a container that can fit your foot or both. Leave it to soak for an hour or even more. Submerge your foot or feet into the solution until it is fully covered for thirty minutes or more. Doing this weekly has been shown to treat the infection. Cornmeal is not harmful to the nails and skin, giving you the chance to repeat it as often as you like.

What it Takes to Win a Gold Medal

In the sports arena, players and coaches of grades have always a much desired state peak performance in sports. If the sportsmen are Olympians striving for his or her Gold medals or school boys soccer players, peak performance in sports has consistently brought trainers and sportsmen alike. Are there keys to athletic excellence? Are these variables readily controlled for the advantages of the sportsmen? This short article discusses the variables which may lead trainers and sportsmen to peak performance in sports.

There’s been publications like and many articles detailing the like, plans, success factors and principles that may result in peak performance in sports. The rules of progressive opposition, variety, target special training, retrieval, etc are all undisputed inherent reasons that enables athletes to reach peak performance. Along the way, I desire to give trainers and sportsmen alike which will be the variables with higher weightage in relation to attaining success and peak performance and how to practically implement these principles.

The effort for just about any sports season starts using the preseason training that will be quite intensive. But this must be done for the sportsmen to be ready for the rigours of the period that is competitive. The speed, strength, endurance and ability volumes has to be performed. Not merely the volume of work, but quality that is just how much is placed into the training stage is crucial at the same time. When corners cut and place in training without their life blood, it is going to show up much later in the competition as harms, exhaustion or insufficient sharpness within their operation. The grade of preseason training is much more significant in youth sports.

Quite frequently the playing seasons for a lot of sports begin almost instantly when the school year begins. With our kids away for long holidays, our sportsmen quite frequently go back to school to face competitions with hardly any training time. This type of training can also be harmful to the growth of our kids. Training programmes for sports must be drawn up and executed at the ending of year formerly. Our sportsmen should comprehend when their evaluations are around, that that their season efficiently started. With a training programme began, teachers and mentors can than instruct sportsmen in regards to a holiday training programme too. Each athlete should have one they are able to make a move to enhance their playing skills far from school in their rest. The primary thing here will be to maintain and enhance what continues to be achieved in the preceding season, in order that sportsmen start from scratch and don’t return back to school.

In games and most sports, there are abilities and specific skill sets which can be believed essential and fundamental. Athletes must achieve these before they are able to play in an increased amount after. In basketball, do and dribbling a suitable lay up are critical. Throwing, catching and fielding abilities in softball and baseball. The pushpass and receiving a pass are essential abilities in floor and ice hockey ball. The list continues. Without these abilities, a trainer will find it extremely tough to perform team plays that are more sophisticated to attain peak performance. It will not be unwise for trainers to acquire these skills early and additionally for players to keep enhancing themselves in these abilities despite the fact that they may believe they’re good enough.

Even at degrees that are professional, these fundamental abilities for his or her sports is very important to peak performance in sports. The repertoire of abilities needed of these abilities are performed in the very best amounts as well as the intensity are much more penetrating. At the very best amounts where competitors are extremely equally fit in most places, one error could cause loss or a win. It’s indeed more essential for professionals to master every one of the abilities demanded of sports or the sport. Just under such states that are extreme can peak performance be potential.

If You Are Planning To Move To Cairo, Egypt Then You Should Check Out Maadi First

Maadi Is My New Home In Egypt And Here You Will Know Why I Love It

My name Is Samira and i have been living in the United Kingdom since the last 6 years. I got used to the big city noise and surroundings that i actually forgot how is it to live in a comfortable peaceful area. My kids Sandra and Mike have been living all their life in the noisy area where we were in UK and therefore that’s the only lifestyle they know about the city life.

My husband got a new job at a well know bank in Egypt as the managing director in Cairo main branch we thought it might be the opportunity to change our life around and that was exactly the case.

We started right away looking for a agent company and which places should we live in. There is a lot of options of good compounds in the suburbs of Cairo but wanted to find a place that can combine that luxury but also be in the heart of Cairo so our kids can have easy access to good schools and that my husband can get to work easily avoiding as much traffic as possible. We finally got to two of the best neighborhood options is Cairo, where are Zamalek and Maadi.

We kept searching and reading about both places and our heart suddenly felt in love with Maadi especially Degla area. Its flourishing gardens and trees made us feel like we were still in Europe but much more affordable. The Cairo American College sounded as the perfect candidate for education to our beloved kids which by the way is in Maadi, Degla where we wanted to live. Maadi sporting club with all its sports activities seemed a good choice for spending time with our kids and there is another sporting club in the area too called Wadi degla but we have not checked it out yet.

After moving to the place we found it to be our piece of heaven on earth and exactly what we expected. Quite and clean area with a lot expats living in it made us feel at home. It is the perfect place for us. As for shopping there is two main area where we found we can go shopping there. One is called Maadi Grand Mall which is full with closing brands international as well as national and the prices were so good that we wanted to buy a lot of stuff but our friends told us to wait and check out the new hyper market before buying all the stuff we needed and we listened to them as they have been living here much longer than us. That place was new and full of goods and cafes for a hyper market to Starbucks almost everything we needed we founded there as well.

If you are planning to move to Egypt then you should certainly check Maadi as the perfect place to move into. With everything around us we didn’t have to get out of our quiet area to get anything else. If you are looking for a place to buy or sell in the are then click here to get the best prices from the same brokers we dealt with.

That’s it for now and I will update you in another post with how our life is going in Cairo.

Greek Princess Leaves Royalty to Pursue Hollywood

The 29 year old Greek princess, who goes by the stage name “Theodora Greece” decided to leave her place of royalty in Greece and set off to Hollywood to pursue a career as an actress. She has landed herself a handful of roles in independent films as well as in the Bold and the Beautiful, but she says that she would be very interested to act in a Greek film if the chance came up.  Theodora and her mother, the former queen of Greece (Anne-Marie) were interviewed by the Daily Mail.  A rough transcript of the interview is below:

How did you come up with this decision to go into acting and if your family’s history was an obstacle or a blessing in this decision

I decided I wanted to act when I was quite young in school and I was really shy and it helped me overcome that and I get to become other people and that’s the most fun to do… I don’t think that my background was either an obstacle or a blessing. I sort of put it aside and just focused on the job that needs to be done that I have to do and went forward.

You changed your name to Theodora Greece. How did this happen and how do you come up with it?

This is my stage name and I sort of use it every now and when I was going to school because I didn’t want a big fuss. So, I stuck with it.

Do people that you work with know who you are and who is your family?

They do eventually, but not when they first meet me.

You took a part in Bold and the Beautiful. What else have you done and where should we look for you in the future?

So, you can still see me on The Bold and the Beautiful—I still do that. I recently did a comedy sketch show that I put together with some friends and I did a film called Little Boy that hopefully should be coming out at the end of the year. I’m not sure, but hopefully more and more things in the future.

How often do you go to Greece, if you do?

Definitely every summer, for sure. I can’t miss a summer… and then around Christmas time too.

Interviewer to Theodora’s mother:
You must have been coming a lot here because of your daughter. What was your thought when she told you that she wants to come to Los Angeles and become an actress?

Theodora’s Mother:
The first thought was it’s very far away, but the second thought was if this is really what she wants to do she should do it. Both her father and I support her full-heartedly… She’s very enthusiastic, she’s very determined and if this is her dream, then she should go that way.

You know I’m her mother I think she’s wonderful but, you know, I hope everybody else thinks the same.

Your mother said that she was very supportive about your decision. Was your dad the same way?

They’re both extremely supportive. My father, and my mother too… they love to see me act. My father still likes to recite a speech from Shakespeare from when he was in school.

Will we see you maybe doing something in Greece?

If the opportunity presented itself and I’d love to.