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Jennifer Gatti is best known for her roles as Ba’el in Star Trek: The Next Generation, Keesha Winters in The Young and the Restless, and more recently as Mrs. Deets in Vice Principals.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why are there dates from the ’50s listed in Jennifer’s resume in the Internet Movie Database?
A: The dates listed are when the show itself first came on the air. Guiding Light and Search for Tomorrow have evidently been on a long time.

Q: May I email Jennifer? Will I get an answer?
A: Due to too much spam, this site no longer accepts email.

Q: Can I get an autographed picture of Jennifer?
A: Currently we have no mechanism in place to provide autographed photos. However please note the great photos available here on this web site!

Q: I really enjoyed Jennifer’s last book. When is her next one coming out?
A: You are thinking of Victoria Gotti, John Gotti’s daughter. If Jennifer gets published, please check this web site for details

Greek Princess Leaves Royalty to Pursue Hollywood

The 29 year old Greek princess, who goes by the stage name “Theodora Greece” decided to leave her place of royalty in Greece and set off to Hollywood to pursue a career as an actress. She has landed herself a handful of roles in independent films as well as in the Bold and the Beautiful, but she says that she would be very interested to act in a Greek film if the chance came up.  Theodora and her mother, the former queen of Greece (Anne-Marie) were interviewed by the Daily Mail.  A rough transcript of the interview is below:

How did you come up with this decision to go into acting and if your family’s history was an obstacle or a blessing in this decision

I decided I wanted to act when I was quite young in school and I was really shy and it helped me overcome that and I get to become other people and that’s the most fun to do… I don’t think that my background was either an obstacle or a blessing. I sort of put it aside and just focused on the job that needs to be done that I have to do and went forward.

You changed your name to Theodora Greece. How did this happen and how do you come up with it?

This is my stage name and I sort of use it every now and when I was going to school because I didn’t want a big fuss. So, I stuck with it.

Do people that you work with know who you are and who is your family?

They do eventually, but not when they first meet me.

You took a part in Bold and the Beautiful. What else have you done and where should we look for you in the future?

So, you can still see me on The Bold and the Beautiful—I still do that. I recently did a comedy sketch show that I put together with some friends and I did a film called Little Boy that hopefully should be coming out at the end of the year. I’m not sure, but hopefully more and more things in the future.

How often do you go to Greece, if you do?

Definitely every summer, for sure. I can’t miss a summer… and then around Christmas time too.

Interviewer to Theodora’s mother:
You must have been coming a lot here because of your daughter. What was your thought when she told you that she wants to come to Los Angeles and become an actress?

Theodora’s Mother:
The first thought was it’s very far away, but the second thought was if this is really what she wants to do she should do it. Both her father and I support her full-heartedly… She’s very enthusiastic, she’s very determined and if this is her dream, then she should go that way.

You know I’m her mother I think she’s wonderful but, you know, I hope everybody else thinks the same.

Your mother said that she was very supportive about your decision. Was your dad the same way?

They’re both extremely supportive. My father, and my mother too… they love to see me act. My father still likes to recite a speech from Shakespeare from when he was in school.

Will we see you maybe doing something in Greece?

If the opportunity presented itself and I’d love to.