Nemesis (1992)

Alex is a burned out cyborg cop for the LAPD and is ordered by commissioner Farnsworth to locate his ex-partner and lover Jared.  Jared is on the verge of delivering confidential sensitive data to cyborg terrorists who have plans to go to war against man-kind.  Is the mission for real, or is he being played?

Star Trek: The Next Generation – Ba’el (1993)

Jennifer plays Ba’el a beautiful half-Klingon, half-Romulan woman born and raised at a secret prison camp in the Carraya System, where Klingons and Romulans lived peacefully together following the Khitomer massacre of 2346. The daughter of Klingon woman Gi’ral and Romulan officer Tokath, Ba’el had her mother’s face and forehead, but her father’s ears. She also had a sense of racial tolerance unique for either a Klingon or a Romulan.

Her first contact with the outside world came in 2369 when Worf came to the planet and discovered Ba’el bathing in a pond. She became romantically involved with him while he stayed at the encampment, prohibited from leaving. When Worf was ultimately allowed to go and take several Klingons with him, Ba’el opted to stay behind knowing she would not be accepted by other Klingons because of her Romulan blood.

Star Trek: Voyager – Non Sequitur (1995)

Viper (1996-1999)

Viper is a reboot of the 1993 sci-fi series about a crime fighter who drives a special vehicle called the Defender, a Dodge Viper which transforms into a mega-equipped crime-fighting machine.

Millenium Man (1999)


In a dual role, actor Andrew Jackson (The Last Don II) stars as a U.S. intelligence agent whose death is averted when his brain is transferred into the billion dollar “Advanced Design Anatomical Man” or ADAM, a technically perfect and nearly invincible body. Developed by Dr. Eisenberg at the top secret Eden Institute, ADAM is the ultimate 21st century fighting man/machine which, in its “Overkill” mode, transforms from flesh into a fully metallic offensive weapon.

When Dr. Eisenberg suddenly goes missing along with the prototype of his ADAM creation – a flawed, evil version called ADAMAN – they are quickly linked to a deadly diamond heist. Soon, U.S. intelligence agent Mark Damon takes over the investigation and finds that David Sanjoni, the husband of a former British secret service agent, who is also Damon¹s ex-lover, has bribed Eisenberg and the super-droid ADAMAN to commit the robbery.

On the verge of being caught, Sanjoni sets an elaborate trap that results in Damon’s brain being melded into ADAM, the second version of the mechanical creation. A horrified Damon, now a part of ADAM, must quickly adjust to his remarkable new powers, his only tool to stop ADAMAN. But before long, Sanjoni, using his and Brenda’s child as collateral, pits ADAM and ADAMAN in a lethal confrontation.


  • Andrew Jackson
  • Shannon Kenny
  • Michael Harney
  • Jennifer Gatti
  • Eric Scott Woods
  • Edoardo Costa
  • Monte Markham