If You Are Planning To Move To Cairo, Egypt Then You Should Check Out Maadi First

Maadi Is My New Home In Egypt And Here You Will Know Why I Love It

My name Is Samira and i have been living in the United Kingdom since the last 6 years. I got used to the big city noise and surroundings that i actually forgot how is it to live in a comfortable peaceful area. My kids Sandra and Mike have been living all their life in the noisy area where we were in UK and therefore that’s the only lifestyle they know about the city life.

My husband got a new job at a well know bank in Egypt as the managing director in Cairo main branch we thought it might be the opportunity to change our life around and that was exactly the case.

We started right away looking for a agent company and which places should we live in. There is a lot of options of good compounds in the suburbs of Cairo but wanted to find a place that can combine that luxury but also be in the heart of Cairo so our kids can have easy access to good schools and that my husband can get to work easily avoiding as much traffic as possible. We finally got to two of the best neighborhood options is Cairo, where are Zamalek and Maadi.

We kept searching and reading about both places and our heart suddenly felt in love with Maadi especially Degla area. Its flourishing gardens and trees made us feel like we were still in Europe but much more affordable. The Cairo American College sounded as the perfect candidate for education to our beloved kids which by the way is in Maadi, Degla where we wanted to live. Maadi sporting club with all its sports activities seemed a good choice for spending time with our kids and there is another sporting club in the area too called Wadi degla but we have not checked it out yet.

After moving to the place we found it to be our piece of heaven on earth and exactly what we expected. Quite and clean area with a lot expats living in it made us feel at home. It is the perfect place for us. As for shopping there is two main area where we found we can go shopping there. One is called Maadi Grand Mall which is full with closing brands international as well as national and the prices were so good that we wanted to buy a lot of stuff but our friends told us to wait and check out the new hyper market before buying all the stuff we needed and we listened to them as they have been living here much longer than us. That place was new and full of goods and cafes for a hyper market to Starbucks almost everything we needed we founded there as well.

If you are planning to move to Egypt then you should certainly check Maadi as the perfect place to move into. With everything around us we didn’t have to get out of our quiet area to get anything else. If you are looking for a place to buy or sell in the are then click here to get the best prices from the same brokers we dealt with.

That’s it for now and I will update you in another post with how our life is going in Cairo.